Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cute Boy From Maldives

Cute Boy From Maldives

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ya definitely will remember you.....i realized how nice you were since i started to deal with you

also ur wife is sooooo pretty and u son is cuteeee.......

wish ur family happy days always and may you succeed in everything you doooooooooo......

wish u albest and keep in touch

and will always look forward for nice kuruti's

and also visit maldives one day toooo, i have being to india several times but not to mumbai....

..maybe one day i may have the chance to see ur family toooo

also am married and i have a son tooo who is 7 years old here i will attach a picture of mee n my son



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  1. cute babay i also like your child i need a film artist child i think your child is perfect for my picture if you are intrested come on studio and meet me yash raj movies